Liturgical Life & Collective Worship

The Catholic Faith is at the very centre of everything we do within Leyland Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary School.

Our pupils are taught to recognise the importance of their faith and respond to all forms of liturgy and collective worship with respect and reverence.

Within our school, we have a rich liturgical life in that the experiences we provide are wide ranging. Collective Worship takes place daily and with the use of our Collective Worship bags and themed bible passages, children can easily take the lead in preparing for this special celebration. Within school we also encourage regular shared celebrations of worship with parents, staff, governors and the parish. Alongside this, we always start our day with our morning prayer and then pray again before lunch and at the end of the day. In addition to our Come and See lessons all children have the opportunity to listen to the word of God at ‘Wednesday Word’ with Mrs Woodward each week. Our school also has two child led teams that work hard to share the word of God and develop their faith and the faith of their fellow pupils within school, these teams are known as the, ‘Faith in Action Team’ and the ‘Mary’s Missionary Team’.

The Celebration of the Eucharist and prayer is of great importance to our school. Our Parish Priest, Fr Jonathan, regularly celebrates Mass and Services in School. Children also visit our Parish Church at a variety of times throughout the school year, special occasions for all those within our Leyland St Mary’s family.