The current times, we know are hard,
Limited to playing out in your own back yard.
We must stay at home all day long,
We are learning to sing the isolation song.

With echoes of war-time Britain,
Know that it's at these times that history is written.
As we have heard from our own Queen,
We will be as strong as any our past has seen.

Home learning; well that's something new,
I am sure it's a challenge for me and for you.
Please, be assured, you're doing just great,
Working from home and this is a lot on your plate.

When we'll meet again, we can't say,
But know we miss your children each and every day.
We thank you for keeping in touch,
We like seeing your work and photos very much.

Try to make the most of this mess,
Do whatever you can to help you worry less.
Bake, walk, read or learn a new thing,
Keep in touch with your loved ones by video chatting.

We will be sure to say our prayers,
For your safety 'til children are back in school chairs.
With love from your teaching party,
Mr. Todd, Miss Lancaster and Moriarty