Within our Nursery, each child will be assigned a key person. A key person has special responsibilities for working with a small number of children which gives the children the reassurance to feel safe, secure and cared for. The key person will help your child  to become familiar with their nursery setting and help to build their confidence. Your child’s key person is also your port of call should you have any concerns or if there is anything you would like to share.

Your child will be assigned their key person shortly after starting and, unless there are any unforeseeable changes within our team, this will remain in place until your child leaves us to go on to primary school.

During your child’s time at nursery, their key person will:

  • Welcome them at the beginning of a session and help them to say ‘goodbye’ to you if they are feeling unsure.
  • Look after them during the nursery session and respond sensitively to their feelings, ideas and behaviour.
  • Help them to become familiar with the nursery and to feel confident and safe within it.
  • Help them to learn and follow nursery routines.
  • Help them to become independent knwing that a grown up will help them if they need it.
  • Help them to make friends and learn to take turns and to share.
  • Observe them as they play, or play games with them, and talk with you about what they have been doing and learning.
  • Help them to get ready to go to big school in September and help them to get to know their new key person.